Staff Portal

This area is a resource for NPS Care staff

Office 365 Web App

Allows employees to access their NPS Care email account.

Allows employees to access their secure email account.

Octopus HR

Contains all company procedure and policies, documents, employee directory and allows employees to request annual leave.


Allows employees to access the NPS Care group Intranet.

CPD Resources

below is a table of different resources that staff may find useful in their development, the list will continue to grow as staff find other useful resources. 

Resource Description URL
Diabetes on the net a resource for general research and diabetes education.
Diabetes care a resource for general research and diabetes education. 
Everyday health a resource for issues about general health (including diabetes).
Mind tools a resource for anyone wanting to move into a management position or to develop their skills generally as a professional, you can sign up to this for full access to the resources but the available free ones are excellent.

CPD Videos/Documentaries