On 1 April 2016 Medical Imaging UK rebranded as EMIS Care.


Our services have always been centred around patients, their carers and families. For over 25 years we’ve focussed on improving the health and wellbeing of the people we serve. Changing our name to EMIS Care is a reflection of what we do as company - we care. We support healthier and longer lives for everyone.

Our company has been part of EMIS Group since 2014. In June 2015 EMIS Group rebranded its integrated software brands under the new name EMIS Health. EMIS Care is the new healthcare provision brand in EMIS Group.

What does this mean to me as a customer or commissioner?

We will continue to provide the same excellent service and our legal entity remains the same. Your contacts within the organisation will remain the same and emails sent to existing accounts will be redirected. There will be no change to accounts.

What does this mean to me as a service user - what stays the same?

If you have an appointment booked, please still attend. Nothing will change about the process for booking, contact numbers, clinic locations and the staff you speak to will be the same.

What will change?

  • All co-branded letters and leaflets will use the EMIS Care logo.
  • All staff in clinic will have EMIS Care branded shirts and badges.
  • Our booking centre staff will answer the phones as EMIS Care.
  • Your local screening information will be stored on our new website.
  • You will receive a leaflet with your next appointment explaining the rebrand – it is also available here.

If you have any more questions call your local diabetic eye screening programme or email us using the contact page.