Republic of Ireland Diabetic Eye Screening Service launches its New Office Base and Administration Hub

12 Jul 2016

EMIS Care’s Republic of Ireland diabetic eye screening service has moved into new premises based in the centre of Cork. The new facility is owned by ‘Diabetes Ireland’ and houses several other related services such as podiatry and diabetes education programmes.

The new facility has been fitted out with high speed internet connections, advanced telephony system and secure IT infrastructure to ensure patient information is protected and safe. The team will also be welcoming new staff recruited locally as the administration of the service transfers from EMIS Cares HQ in Worcester, England to Cork.

Already offering screening to over 55 000 patients across 17 counties, the programme continues to grow by over 500 patients per month. This change will help the team deal with the future growth of the programme. The new facilities will give service users an easy, reliable and efficient booking system.

Chris Ingram, Programme Manager, Republic of Ireland stated:

“Moving into the new office will not only give us the tools to deliver a better service, but it marks the beginning of our partnership with ‘Diabetes Ireland’. The team and I are very keen build relationships with our colleagues in diabetes care, we want to ensure all patients get access to the services they need.”

Jonathan Hildred, Director of Healthcare, EMIS Care stated:

“When EMIS Care (MIUKDRSS ltd then) launched the programme back in 2013, we were excited to be in a new country pioneering our mobile screening model. For the past 3 years we have worked extremely hard to ensure patients are registered with the service and invited for screening at regular intervals.”

“It’s quite remarkable that we have established a functioning national screening programme in less than 3 years. It is a testament to the hard work of our team in Ireland, our commissioners and related stakeholders. It is an achievement we are extremely proud of.”

“The launch of the new administration hub and our partnership with ‘Diabetes Ireland’ is an important milestone that shows we are still committed to providing the best service possible for all our patients in Republic of Ireland.”

Republic of Ireland Diabetic Eye Screening Service has a dedicated webpage: