Evening and Weekend Eye Screening Appointments in North of Tyne & Gateshead

30 Nov 2016

From the beginning of December patients in the North of Tyne & Gateshead Diabetic Eye Screening Programme will have more choice to get their eyes screened in evening and weekend clinics.

This is part of the programmes CQUIN scheme to create more choice for patients that struggle to attend nine to five weekday appointments.

The evening and weekend clinics are delivered throughout the Gateshead, Newcastle, Northumberland and Tyneside areas ensuring the service is available to all patients. The clinics themselves are based in a mixture of health centres, Specsavers stores and high street opticians.

Denise Young, Programme Manager, North of Tyne & Gateshead Diabetic Eye Screening Programme stated:

“A great deal of work has gone into analysing areas of coverage to make sure we can offer this service to all patients and I am delighted to say it was worth it. Not only can we help more patients attend screening, but we have solidified some excellent partnerships with local opticians and Specsavers stores so that we can offer weekend appointments in high street areas.”

“These changes are also part of an initiative to reduce non-attenders at appointments. We are encouraging patients to let us know if they can’t make their appointment even, if its 20 minutes before their slot - we are very flexible and can offer a suitable alternative.”

“The team and I will be looking to connect with our colleagues in GP surgeries, Pharmacies, Diabetes UK and Healthwatch to share this information with our patients. We would welcome any help from our other colleagues in the health community.”

To see the list of Evening and Weekend clinic locations please visit www.notgdesp.info, or you can email the programme using notg.desp@nhs.net  or even call the booking team on 0333 666 0167