You Said, We Did 2016

Our “you said, we did” campaign gains important feedback from patients in order to support service improvements.

We gather data through a variety of different ways, from recommendations by clinics and patients, to social media comments and feedback survey results. Through these different formats, we have been able to compile feedback from 6,000 responses, helping us to create our aims for this year:

Improving accessibility to make sure everyone can provide feedback

When reviewing data from our in-clinic ‘Screening Survey,’ we identified a lack of engagement from certain demographics. After further research, we discovered this was due a translation/literacy issue.

We Did: We’ve have ensured Google Translate available throughout the EMIS Care website and have purchased a translation module that integrates with our survey feedback software. We are also working with a translation firm to convert our surveys and feedback forms to suit our patients’ needs.

Helping patients know more about their data

Patients wanted to know more about how there is information is stored.

We Did: We have made the letters we send to new patients widely available from clinics and shared the letter with local stakeholders should any patients express interest, we have created a designated webpage (which since its deployment last month has helped over 40 users), we have also included a new footer message in all patient letters informing them of how to find out more information about their data as well the new website link

Improving peace of mind

In a multiple choice question asked patients “What was the best thing about your visit?” 38.7% said peace of mind.

We did: To increase this statistic we have started offering more support to patients away from their appointments. On every dedicated DESP webpage we offer live chat functionality through Facebook so any patient at any time can speak to a clinically knowledgeable member of the team 24/7. We have also started a pilot partnership with ‘diabetes essentials’ a diabetes education programme in our central Mersey DESP. We are looking to empower patients and using this partnership as a template we will look to implement a similar programmes across all our sites in England and Ireland.

Keeping patients hydrated

We gathered feedback from one clinic where the water facilities were not available.

We did: In this particular clinic we agreed a contract to install water coolers. However this has led to a further operational change in all our programmes to audit patient waiting areas to ensure all patients have access to water.

Keep up the good work!

Over 99% of patients thought our service was excellent or good. In our surveys alone we received over 1200 compliments where the where the words good was used 487 times, excellent was used 297 times and helpful was used 139 times.

We did: We want patients to know we value you their feedback and their comments shape the service which is why we launched this campaign and are launching an external campaign with patients to share the feedback.